Britain´s got talent video lesson!

Britain´s got talent is back! I have to admit I´m a bit of a fan of Britain´s got talent and it´s one of the few English TV shows that I watch with my Spanish man. Although you don´t need to understand English that much to watch BGT, I found myself explaining the jokes or key information he had missed in the introductions. That´s when I thought a BGT video lesson could work quite well in the classroom. It´s been tried and tested and it certainly works with both young and old. There has been laughter, applause and even a few teary-eyed students!

I´m planning on making more worksheets but for now I´ll leave you with a worksheet I made from the previous shows.


You can download the worksheet here.

I am yet to attach a step by step lesson plan but I´ll give the gist of the lesson I do and you can adapt it to how you want. I usually start of with some conversation questions;

Are there any talent shows in your country?
What type of talent shows are there?
Do you have any talents?
What talents would you like to have?

Introduce Britain´s got talent and the judges and elicit any information they might know about them.

Talk about the dynamics of the show and how it works. Here you get information about the format of the show. Make sure you talk about what happens if an act receives a golden buzzer!

Ok so ready to play the first video. Before watching the act play the introductions of the contestants and then pause the video before they do their act. Then go through the first set of questions and the what do you think questions. Here you could change the questions to  “going to”.What do you think is going to happen? Do you think the act is going to be boring? What judge is going to buzz? Etc.


No matter how many times I watch this video. I still get teary-eyed myself!

This one is very short so be quick to pause!

How do we know Christian isn´t from England?
Clue: When he introduces his age. I find it´s one of the most common mistakes Spanish speakers make! 🙂

Again here come the tears! Make sure you get them to explain the story in their own words.

I then finally tell them that Attraction won Britain´s got talent and show them the winning video.

If you´re unable to download the videos then let me know and I can send them. It would also be great to get some feedback. It´s my first post and I´d be super happy If somebody found this useful!

Hope this lesson works for you! 🙂

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