Just between you and me 😉 I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to wordplay. If you´ve seen my previous posts you know that I like to have “pun” in the classroom.  I have just recently introduced Rebus Puzzles into the classroom and in my opinion they are another great way to explore/experiment with the English language. Rebus puzzles use pictures, symbols and letters to represent a word, phrase or saying.

Download the worksheet HERE
When the students understand the different types of rebus puzzles you can use them as a classroom activity or as a warmer to start the class.

Placement of words

Place a word below, above, in between etc. and it can be a big clue to solve the puzzle.


Again if the word is spelled in any direction other than left-to-right, you have your solution

DOWNSTAIRS Repetition Style or size

The style of the font can convey such concepts as thin, tall, pretty etc.

TALL ORDER Highlighting

To draw attention to the picture the word can often be highlighted by being underlined or by an arrow indicating that we should be looking for the clue. Colour

If you see a puzzle that is not printed in black then we can expect the colour to be relevent to the solution. HATRED Sound

Just like puns, rebus puzzles don´t necesserily have to have the exact spelling but can have a similarity in sound. TUESDAY Combination REBUS

Reasons to use Rebus Puzzles in the classroom

  • They can create language awareness, for example they can be useful for practising positional and directional words. papershop
  • They can be used with young children and add a unique, dynamic way to learn how to read.
  • Rebus puzzles can also be used to get over the hurdle of learning disabilities.
  • They can be used for both kids or adults and are mental exercises for the brain!

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